Seapony Band is currently busy preparing for a series of concerts. If you like to see us perform live, we’ll be where you are – or somewhere near where you are. Our concert list is not final yet, but we’ve managed to schedule several already. Check out these concerts and their show dates. Bookmark which ones you want to be a part of and get ready to sing, dance, and have fun with us!

(Also included in this list are the schedules of our bar shows.)

January 2017

For the first month of the new year, we will be touring around ________. Check out where we’re headed and mark your calendars red!

(List of concert dates and venues)

February 2017

For the most romantic month of the year, we have prepared several special shows. Although we sing about love, our February shows are not only for happy couples but also for contented singles as well. Who knows? You might find your Romeo/Juliet in one of our concerts!

(Concert dates and venues)


March is an exciting month, so we’ve prepared a lot of fun and exciting shows for you. If you like creative music that inspires and takes you to magical dream-like adventures, catch us on any of these dates and venues. We promise you musical fun like you’ve never had before!

(Concert dates and venues)


Ah, April! Such a beautiful month! It’s the perfect time to celebrate life and music with us. We have several concerts scheduled for this month. Find one that’s nearest you.

(Concert dates and venues)
That’s it for the first quarter of 2017. We’ll update these schedules as we go along. The second quarter leg of our concert series will be posted soon. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (INSERT FB name/page) to get more updates!