A Brief Discussion of the Different Types of Musical Bands

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A Brief Discussion of the Different Types of Musical Bands

A musical band is a group that plays live music in shows, events, and several venues. You see them almost everywhere. Some bands play pure ballads, some focus on the classics, while some are good with rock music. This is because there are different types of bands.

Check out our list of the different types of musical bands, so the next time you watch and listen to one, you’ll easily identify their style.

There are only two major types of bands – the concert band and the marching band.

However, each band type has subtypes, which are usually based on the kind of music the group plays or the style of the band, or the kind of instrument that is used.

Concert Bands


Concert bands are usually a group of individual musicians with designated tasks. There are vocalists or singers, guitarists, keyboardist, and a drummer. The most common musical instruments used by concert bands are stringed, percussion, brass, and woodwinds. Concert bands play live music in private functions like parties, weddings, and corporate events. Many of these bands also play regularly in bars, cafes, and other similar venues. There are concert bands that focus on jazz music, contemporary or modern music, R&B music, reggae tunes, rock music, and disco music.

Marching Bands


Marching bands are considered musical bands because they provide music or musical accompaniment to particular events or activities. Examples are marching bands that walk or march in different formations while playing music. The drum major usually leads a marching band. There are also military marching bands that play music for special events of the military. Instruments used in a marching band include the bass drum, snare drums, crash cymbals, saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, and tuba. These instruments are carried by the musician while walking and playing.

Since drum and bugle corps perform live music in front of an audience, they can also be considered a musical band. This band is similar to a marching band but is composed of younger musicians. Aside from the musicians, a drum and bugle corp also has color guards or flag bearers. This band performs colorful and energetic numbers during competitions. The most common instruments used as brass and percussion.

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