logoMusic is a universal language. Wherever you go, no matter what language you speak, you can play music and people will understand. No need to translate words or to explain what the song means. Music brings people together.

This was what we had in mind when we formed Seapony Band.

Seapony Band is a group of musicians and artists dedicated to creating music that inspires. Our goal is to use music as a means of encouraging people to value live, to love themselves, and to appreciate others. Our music encourages people to love, learn, and live.

Likewise, Seapony Band aims to entertain people from all walks of life. Our music is easy to appreciate. Anybody can relate to our songs. Our melodies can bring light and happiness to a gloomy day. Our music inspires.

Seapony Band was established in 2013. Each member has his/her own musical style, and when we get together, we create a beautiful concert of harmonies. The minute you hear our music, you’ll be transported to a magical place and time, as if in a dream. That’s how mesmerizing our music is.

Our distinct musicality is what earned for us the respect and admiration we now enjoy. But we have no intention if stopping. We continue to explore and discover, so our music continues to grow and mature. We continue to play music wherever we are, whoever we are with. We continue to entertain people who are looking for happiness, acceptance, understanding, love, and inspiration.